Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI)

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A Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) is a detailed review of a Car or Truck to check the Mechanical and Safety condition of a vehicle before you complete your purchase from the seller. PPIs are done by a Technician with the intent to uncover current conditions, hunt for any hidden issues or to reveal Maintenance shortcomings that may cost you, the buyer, expensive repairs in the future. A Pre-Purchase Inspection does not guarantee the car will be trouble-free, as most used Vehicles will have some issues, but it does provide a basis from which you can determine if the car is in the condition you expected it to be.

When should I get a PPI?

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a Vehicle without a Warranty, or when the vehicle is located in another city. When there is no warranty, the buyer is immediately assuming all the risk in the event of a Breakdown or major Mechanical Issue. For this reason, a qualified PPI makes financial sense. Vehicles in other cities present additional challenges when the purchaser is unable to take a test drive. With a simple phone call, you can arrange a PPI appointment so that the seller can bring us the car. The resulting PPI report will be provided to you, as you are the customer, for you to use in completing your purchase negotiation.

What do we cover in a PPI?

Benchmark Autoworks will perform an extensive inspection of the vehicle mechanical condition, as much as can be done without any disassembly. We will lift the car and inspect the entire underside; suspension controls, bushings, shocks, axles, wheel bearings, exhaust, signs of oil or coolant leaks, and general condition. With the car back on the ground, we again look at the general condition and indications that the engine has been well maintained. We connect to the car OBDII diagnostic port and check for any current or history codes, which are another good indications of issues that will need attention soon. Bodywork and frame are check for signs of prior accident damage, particularly any that has not been repaired properly. Proper repairs are not an issue, but improper repairs can be a danger. Finally, we will test drive the car to feel for and listen for additional signs of iss

What is not covered in a PPI?

While we will check major controls in the car, our standard pre-purchase inspection does not cover consumer comfort electronics (e.g., radio/stereo, heated seats, seat electricals, etc). These are all things that can be tried by you, the buyer, as they require no special training, and save you money by focusing our work on areas that you may not be able to do on your own. Also, a pre-purchase inspection does not replace the need for a DMV inspection that you need in order to get your car registration with the State. The PPI is a much more extensive inspection whose purpose is to help save you money in unexpected repairs.

Value of the PPI

We have saved customers significant expense by making them aware of problems that would be expected in the near future. In some cases we will determine that a car is so bad that we do not recommend buying it, though these are rare as most cars are worth buying if you can negotiate a price that covers at least part of the repairs through compensation from the seller. Do not expect a perfect car, but do expect that the knowledge we provide will save you money and put you on track to having a car that is safe and reliable after repairing the teething problems.

Once completed, we will discuss the results of the PPI with you. We will also list the areas of concern on your receipt so that you have a record o

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