About Us

Benchmark Autoworks

 Benchmark Autoworks opened as an ultra-convenience auto  service facility in September 2012 in downtown Raleigh. We have strived to provide top-end auto  repair for every customer from the start. We have grown through that time and offer 5-star services and have been  blessed with many great reviews from happy customers.  We  serve customers from the local area, with some customers from as far as 4  hours North of us. On top of that, we  have had a number of traveling customers in need who have searched us out  because of our high ratings.

More about us:

We originally opened in downtown Raleigh within a few  blocks of all the high-rise office buildings loaded with the daytime  workforce, comprised of City, County, and State Government, High Tech, Banking  and Finance, Architecture firms, Utility providers, Judicial system, and  Lawyers. Our customers drop their cars  off for service with almost the same ease as they do for their daily parking;  sometimes we are more convenient than their local parking. We also offer pre-arranged shuttle to and  from work. Most customers leave their  car with us in the morning, to be repaired by end of their workday. Sometimes repairs can take more than a day,  but we have relationships with multiple vendors so that we can usually get  parts within an hour; two hours if they have to come from a regional  warehouse. Our customer lounge is  almost always empty, because we are so convenient to their work places. This has worked very well for us.

Our services range from the day-in, day-out services for Brakes,  Oil change, Suspension such as Wheel Bearings, Shocks and Struts, Control Arms,  also CEL diagnosis, Exhaust, Cooling system, and Air Conditioning; which are  common services from most shops; to more unique services for Timing Belts,  Head Gaskets, Engine rebuild, Engine replacement, Transmission repair, almost  everything except body shop. So, when  you look for someone to provide your car with maintenance or repair services,  do you want someone who only knows how to do the easy stuff, or do you want  someone who really understands how your car works?

Our focus is to provide quality repairs at reasonable  prices. We have invested in top-end  diagnostic equipment and tools to do the job right. We have 6 lifts, Snap-On Verus diagnostic system, Autel  diagnostic computer, Pico scope, CarDaq-M programmer, plus a significant  collection of other diagnostic tools to help get the diagnosis right the first  time. However there is no substitute  for experience and talent, and we have technicians with double-digit  experience in fixing cars and trucks, plus we have also hired trained  technician graduates from NASCAR Technical Institute and Wake Tech Community  College. We are not exclusive to those  schools, but they have active training programs serving students who are local  to Raleigh after graduation.