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Mechanical Restorations

We have mechanically restored this 1964 Dodge D100.  It arrived without an engine or transmission.  After the arrival, we had to prep the engine bay for rust-inhibiting paint.  The cross-members and sheet metal had considerable rust but was generally solid.  The intention was to arrest further decay by grinding the metal without doing a body-shop level sand and repaint. 

The engine we sourced for this project is a 318 V8 from a 1969 Plymouth Satellite with only 83,000 miles.  This truck originally came with the Dodge Slant 6 engine.  The 318 V8 was a factory option.  Even though the engine was relatively low miles and running well, we decided for this project that we really wanted the engine to be a centerpiece of the project.  The engine was torn down, honed, heads rebuilt, and fitted with new valves and springs.

Completed engine.  In addition to the mechanical rebuild, we finished the rebuild with some extra visual appeal.  The engine was painted, and adorned with chrome covers and air filter covers.  
Note, the painted oil filter was a temporary placeholder to keep paint spray away from the sealing surface.

Custom exhaust fabricated and installed

The truck fully finished.  Engine bay was painted with truck bed liner paint to be durable and help set off the look of the newly repainted engine.

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