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Pictures of our Mazda RX-7 modified with a Corvette LS-1 engine and transmission

Come by and see our modified 2nd generation Mazda RX-7 with a Corvette LS-1 engine! We rescued this car from the junk yard, as it had a blown engine.  We sourced a used Corvette engine and transmission to bring this RX-7 to a completely new level of fun!  We also improved the fuel supply, converted the speedometer and A/C to work with the GM PCM, built a custom exhaust, and installed polyurethane bushings in the rear suspension (as shown below).  The suspension work at the front is waiting for the next phase of modifications.  This project was extreme and rather expensive due to the labor involved in custom fabrication.

Installing the Corvette LS-1 engine

 The car with the engine completely installed.

Red polyurethane bushings in the rear suspension.

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